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    ViiA Status is our application responsible for receiving the information of our different applications and show in a simple and summarized way in a Map displayed on our Dashboard and mobile applications.


    The Dashboard Map has been specially designed for Monitoring Centers and incorporates several automatic functions. You can, for example, configure the Map to automatically "navigate" only the points that show an incidence, and you can choose the size of the letter that will be shown, how many seconds it should remain alert on each location, auto refresh "among other functions.


    You can turn on the FULL-Screen function and let the Map navigate automatically without the need for any person to interact.

 The same way in mobile applications, it will only show alerts on the screens where attention is needed.

    ViiA Screen is a system developed to monitor your digital screen 24hs - through the IP camera - already installed in 90% of the Outdoor Digital screens.

    ViiA Screen monitors the screen 24 hours and - if a failure is detected, such as a defect module, black screen, frozen player, or the screen is on outside the programmed operating hours - the system takes a screenshot of the problem detected and sends an alert to the team assigned.

    The main advantage is that your company will no longer need to have a 24-hour person watching the monitoring cameras. Notifications are sent by mobile phone if something is detected, with greater efficiency and savings in human resources.

    Another advantage is that ViiA Screen is able to be used in screens that for some reason have 3G/4G connection and can not stream camera images due to internet limitations, ViiA Screen
is executed locally (on screen PC) and only
uses internet to send the image when it
detects an incident.