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INVIAN's ALL-IN-ONE platform to Manage Digital Screens,
Traditional Billboards,
Street Furniture, Transit and Spectacular advertising elements.

Systems Overview

real-time network status

status indicator map of each digital element in your network, indicating the last heartbeat, last photo/video upload, live camera streaming, and network connection status.



services status

connection status between pc and our applications.



connection status

connection status to the internet, analyzing the connection with intervals of 180 seconds.


incidents detail

summary of the latest detected incidents.

ViiA Status

screen (fault detection)

24hs automated LED screens and Videowall fault detection software.



Live (live camera broadcast)

real-time live broadcast of cameras in the screens, processed by our servers, without freezing images, access the cameras from our dashboard and mobile app, with time and users restrictions.



task (task creation)

automated creation incidents and tasks, detected by our systems, such as screen failures, loosing power, lack of connection, among others.



video detection (video detection on static screen)
automated detection of videos on static digital screens, by government regulations and/or hacker invasions.


incident registration and repairs in digital and traditional elements, with ticket creation, accompaniment of tasks and attention times.


task manager

management and scheduling tasks platform, monitoring response times, repairs photo records, downtime operation and among others.


advertising management (digital)

platform to manage the display of digital advertising, network occupation, available spaces and among others.



posters reception (static)

platform that manages the poster reception (and others) that must be installed later, platform 100% in mobile app, so that each venue (operation on among citys) can report to the operations center the receipt of a poster, and that available for later installation.


advertising installation (static)

web and mobile platform to manage the advertising static installation, from this platform, operations management can accompany in real time the work done by their teams on the street, measure installation times, problems encountered, have photographic proof of installation, all the indicators in real time.


advertising replacement (static)

platform for replacement request or advertising extra sale and/or outside the contracted period, from our static advertising management platforms, the emails exchange is drastically reduced, once everything happens to be managed by tickets, solicitations and etc

video check (stand-alone) 

proof-of-play software photo recording tocomprove the advertising display on the screen, autonomous system capable of identifying* and registering each video and making available to share directly from the web and mobile app 
*(cms integration)

photo check (stand-alone) 

proof-of-play software photo recording to comprove the advertising display on the screen, autonomous system capable of identifying* and registering each video and making available to share directly from the web and mobile app 
*(cms integration)


proof-of-post photos (mobile application - manual)
mobile application for advertising registration, integrated to pop report systems, maintains a database of advertising installed on your furniture, sending directly to our platform, creating filters and issuing automated reports in pdf and/or powerpoint.

up/down operation time report (operative screen) system that collects information from our software to issue activity reports for each screen, indicating the periods of inactivity of each screen/pc.

play log's report (cms)

record all communications between our cms and the pc's of the screens, indicating each status change, played media in different report formats


vehicle flow measurement
integration of advertising exhibition reports and vehicles that passed in front of a screen.

advertising distribution management
mass content distribution, with filters, distribution by campaign, customer, places and more.


market place
a market place platform developed especially for your company, managed in your own way.


programmatic integration
system ready to receive html5 files for integration with the most different programmatic platforms available in the market.


reports (7 different reports)
powerful reports to send to your clients, for a demonstration of performances, number of reproductions, the range of reproductions among others.


display in real time, messages, news, feed, weather, sports score, catastrophes alerts, all automated and updated in real time.


social networks
integration with different social networks.


dynamic content
allows the change contents, rss templates, html5, and replacement of mobile device advertising among others


real-time streaming
real time streaming from youtube live, facebook live and other platforms.


sales manager tools, reserve spaces, build automated quotes and more.



platform for creating a specific market-place for your company, without the need to be associated with another market platform, allows the digital spaces sale, and the direct reception of the media (files) that will be displayed on the screens, always with approval files filter, available for static spaces, allowing discounts according to the level of occupation and/or spaces availability in your network.


space availability

Online and real-time available spaces consultation of your digital and static network, directly from your web site or mobile application, also allows your client to request quotes from specific advertising inventory among others.


automatic sales proposal

with few clicks, send massive proposals to your clients, directly from your mobile application in pdf files, powerpoint etc.


integration with programmatic

platform ready to receive purchases and reservations from the most different programmatic sales platforms


mobile applications (real time info)

access all information on your network in real time, status map, cameras streaming, vehicle flow, registered incidents, operations tracking.

Real-time vehicle flow analytics

automated vehicle counting system that travels in front of a screen and/or billboard, dashboard with indications by date range, hours and regions.


integration of reports (cms)

integration of our Real-time vehicle flow analytics system with the advertising play logs display on outdoor screens, giving to the client better reach over their audience.