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The WORLD's first automated

Proof-of-Play VIDEO & Photo

Report System.


How does it works?

ViiA Checking application is installed in the same PC that manages the Digital Signage element. Integrated to our CMS ViiA Smart Player (or third parties through their APIs),
ViiA Checking obtains the playlist in REAL TIME being able to differentiate
and register them independently.

ViiA Smart Player (or other CMS) sends a command (triggers) to ViiA Checking when an specific advertising is being displayed and records the video from beginning to end.

This way our system is able to register and organize each of the medias separately by Date Range, Player, Clients, Agencies, Media, Categories and more.

ViiA Checking application is installed in the same PC that manages the Digital Signage element.
Integrated to our CMS ViiA Smart Player (or third parties through their APIs)

Forget the old process of sending a moto-boy, recording a video (often trembled) of your screens, editing in your office to email it to your customers. 


With ViiA Checking, all this process is AUTOMATED and organized in our Dashboard, so that you can download this specific video already compressed or send it
through an URL to your client.

ViiA Checking automatically identifies all the playlist and records every new added media, so you can send in minutes to your customer after the display of this advertising.


Don't send to your client only one video of your advertising, send automatically daily videos of all the advertisings displayed on all your screens, generating
transparency with your client.

Programmatic Sales Ready


The programmatic sale is a reality and prove of its exhibition is our specialty.


Many big companies already have powerful platforms for programmatic sales.


At INVIAN we focus on how to integrate our systems to deliver to customers the

Proof-of-Play with PHOTOS and VIDEOS of this exhibition.


ViiA Checking through its APIs can automatically send to a Programmatic Platform the Proof-of-Play advertising video display.


(Stand-Alone Photo Checking)

    Transparency between the client and advertising company is fundamental. 
Clients need to know the exact starting time when buying a spot for and advertising, the number of displays and impressions during the day and period contracted, ViiA PoP / ViiA Checking system can show all this information.


    Sooner than expected and due to the chaotic traffic in big cities, advertising companies will no longer need a moto-boy to do the validations or the photographic Proof-of-Posting (POP) of advertising in different geographical points.

All the extra work like downloading the image validations, editing, inserting in a PDF and everything that implies making a media exhibit report, won´t be also necessary.​

ViiA Checking was developed precisely to make this process FAST, AUTONOMOUS, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT.


    With ViiA Checking system your advertising company can give your clients direct access

to the Dashboard so they can get your

reports when they want and need them.

    We developed an innovative platform that allows you to validate if your ad, whether in a Static Panel, Totem, Billboard, Digital Signage or DOOH, has been displayed/ installed in the right time and location as agreed.

    With only registering their advertising inventory and network configuration, companies can have an easy access to ViiA PoP platform. Our reports based on the information registered in our database can rapidly and easily show  the availability and conservation status of each element.

    Our Dashboard allows the use of different filters: dates, campaigns, groups, so that you can generate personalized reports. For example: issue a unique report with the verification of exhibitions of diverse points, in a single file, generated automatically with your logo.

    This integration will allow you to issue, print or share reports under the same format, and in a friendly way, without having to consolidate several reports one by one.

    ViiA PoP also sends push notifications to inform which is the next location to validate, program in-between checkings to make sure the panel hasn’t been damaged, among other features.
Forget about extra work making reports, ViiA PoP has got you covered

Automated PDF & PPT Reports